About this site

The first version (V1) of this site was developed around 2010 with a tool called "Apache forrest"; a locally installed tool based on java that generated html content based on a number of xml and configuration files. What I liked about it was the fact that content could be generated locally and placed on a webserver remotely. I know there are many tools available doing the same thing; with most of them you work via a website interface and they offer content aimed for commercial sites.

Apache forrest is no longer supported so I was looking for something offering the same functionality. So I came across Jekyll, the perfect tool for what I was trying to do, offering on top some flexibility which I missed in Apache Forrest. Jekyll comes with a setup based on Ruby and templating languages. It can generate the static site which can be deployed on a remote server, and offers a local webserver during development. I started refactoring the site in 2020 with Jekyll, resulting in version 3 of this site. For the moment I deployed a new look and feel (version 4) using the Jekyll "Documentation Theme".