Feeding is important for the performance of the pigeons, as well as during breeding as for those who fly. Of course, there is a huge difference between the needs of breeders and flyers.

The pigeons dispose of minerals and picking stones the whole year through.

Breeding pairs

The basis of a good breeding season is made during winter time; they need to build up enough reserves to pound eggs of good quality. They are fed once a day during the evening; in the winter time, they get enough food so that a small amount remains in the feeding bowl for the next morning.

The breeding season starts in February; 3 weeks before the start they get a protein rich mixture; during the whole of the breeding season, the breeding pairs get as much food as they need for themselves and for the youngsters. Each pair disposes of an extra bowl in their breeding box.

From July until October, they get a mixture specially designed for moulting pigeons.


Young pigeons get a protein rich mixture until they start flying; everything has to be finished after 10 minutes after feeding. A full meal consists of about 20 to 25 grams; after the age of 35 days they get 15 grams, in order to get them hungry during training.

Once they fly they get some more low protein mixture. Before the start of a competition flight, they get a low protein mixture during the three last days.


Some vitamines and trace elements are indispensable, especially because most of the pigeons get only grain mixtures. I also mix some yoghurt under the grains as a pro-biotica supplement. From time to time I also mix fresh yeast among the food: put it in a cup of water and mix it under the grains; after one hour it will be absorbed and dry and it is ready to feed.