Breeding starts in February and stops somewhere in juni, preferrably before the 21th. Both sexes live separated out of the breeding season. despite of this, the hens keep laying eggs until they moult.

By the end of Decembers to cocks are placed in the breeding compartments, without any perches. This way they have to choose a breeding box and they quickly take their territory in the loft. So, they have approximately one month to dispute their territory and to choose the "correct" breeding box before the hens arrive. In the beginning of February the hens join the cocks in their breeding box. The box is kept closed for a few days to get them familiarized with the breeding pen and with the cock; for older pairs, this gives no problems but new pairs might pay some attention. With this timing the young birds will be about three months old on long day (the first young bird competition). Once the birds are put together things go fast; it takes about a week to get the eggs and then 18 days of breeding. At this pace, there is about 35 days between the first nest and the first egg of the second round. At the time of the second nest the youngster are about 14 days old; this might be a problem as they are still too young to eat on their own; that's why a put a second breeding bowl in the box to persuade them to nest in the same box as the first nest. This way the youngsters are still fed properly and it minimizes territory disputes with other pairs. If I see that they are looking for a new nest away from their box, a just close the door for a couple of days.

This method works fine for me and young birds don't get abandoned; this might happen if the birds take another breeding box and they loose contact with their youngsters.