Budapester highflyers

In August 2008 I purchased three pairs of Budapester Highflyers from Josef Federer (Germany - Eching). Of course, I cannot let them fly for the moment with the risk of loosing them. I also got 7 young birds from Ben Hafmans (the Netherlands - Nuland). After some week in the aviary I got them flying but I lost three of them in the beginning of September. They really go very high and you loose sight for more then one hour.

The Dutch birds are a little bit more robust and they lack feathers on their legs. The head is more rounded. In the beginning they were all very nervous but after a few weeks this problem got solved.

4/1/2009: I added some photo's of cocks and hens; in contrast to other pigeon races, the males and females can be more easily distinguished : the cock has a more robust head, with a shorter beak and broader nose; the hens have a slightly longer and thinner beak, and the nose is not so developed.